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Article: Mario Contract Lighting  |  Published: 08/25/2023



Ceramics, with their timeless allure and versatility, have been cherished forms of art for centuries. One intriguing application of ceramics lies in the creation of lamp bodies, where a meticulous process transforms raw materials into exquisite pieces of functional art. Let’s delve into the captivating journey of ceramic lamp body production, consisting of five distinctive stages.

Stage 1. Pouring


The process commences with the careful pouring of slip into meticulously crafted molds, setting the initial shape and texture of the lamp body. This stage resembles the creation of a clay blueprint for the mold.

Stage 2. Cleaning

Subsequently, excess slip is drained and the body is extracted from the mold. A team of skilled artisans then hand-clean and meticulously inspect it, ensuring its surface is devoid of flaws and irregularities, preparing it meticulously for the upcoming phases.

Stage 3. Firing Greenware

The body than enters a specialized kiln, heated to an exacting temperature of 1890°F. This controlled firing process transforms the clay into robust bisque bodies, creating a foundational structure for the lamp.

Stage 4. Glazing

Accomplished artisans go on to apply either standard or custom glazes as per project’s requirements to the bisque body, introducing a burst of color and character. The glazes interact harmoniously with the ceramic surface, promising a visually striking result after the subsequent kiln firing.

Stage 5. Firing Glazed Bisque Bodies

The crowning transformation takes place during the final kiln firing. Here, the glazes and ceramic surface unite, undergoing a metamorphic process. As the amalgamation cools down, the lamp body emerges with its brilliant, final appearance, poised to illuminate spaces with both aesthetics and practicality.


As these five stages unfold, ceramics transforms from raw materials into extraordinary lamp bodies, reflecting the dedication, skill, and artistic vision of their creators. These lamp bodies crafted for Mario Contract Lighting not only illuminate spaces but also become visual stories of the craftsmanship embedded within them. Each stage is a testament to the delicate dance between creativity and technical prowess, forging functional art that seamlessly blends aesthetics and utility.

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