MCL Mario Contract Lighting Your Source For New Or Replacement Lampshades pattern MCL has hundreds of patterns for standard size shades, or we can custom make any size pattern. trace We are the experts. MCL has been hand making lampshades for 95 years. cut Strict attention to detail and unsurpassed quality. frame Our Shade Frames are made of 11 gauge wire with cast washer tops and we can powder coat the frames if specified. onframe Choose from Standard Linens, Designer Fabrics, Tri-laminates or OEM Fabrics styrene All fabrics are laminated to a 14pt styrene fire retardant backing. trim MCL makes replacement shades for your existing wall sconces, table lamps or ceiling fixtures. shapes Any Shape Washer Tops Candle Clips Uno Fittings cover Our shades come with easy to remove plastic covers for quick installation. Slide Lampshades By... ...Mario Contract Lighting

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Linens - Available in 4 options.

  • White Linen

    White Linen

  • Creme Linen

    Creme Linen

  • Natural Linen

    Natural Linen

  • Bone Linen

    Bone Linen

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Premium Linens - Available in 2 styles.

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Faux Dupioni - Available in 4 options.

  • Ebony Faux Dupioni

    Ebony Faux Dupioni

  • Fog Faux Dupioni

    Fog Faux Dupioni

  • Ivory Faux Dupioni

    Ivory Faux Dupioni

  • Toast Faux Dupioni

    Toast Faux Dupioni

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Organza - Available in 4 options.

  • Black Organza

    Black Organza

  • Bronze Organza

    Bronze Organza

  • Silver Organza

    Silver Organza

  • White Organza

    White Organza