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Shade Material

(12) Opal Glass
(2) Opal Glass
Acrylic With Infused Linen
Alabaster Glass
Antique Brass
Beige Silk
Black & Silver Organza
Black Linen
Black Metal
Black Organza
Bone Linen
Brass Powder Coat
Bronze Organza
Brown Organza/Cream Linen
Brushed Stainless
Brussels Linen
Cased Etched Opal Glass
Clear & Frosted Acrylic
Clear Acrylic
Clear Crackle Glass
Clear Crackled Glass Beads
Clear Glass
Clear Resin
Clear Ribbed Glass
Clear Seeded Glass
COM/Standard Mario Fabrics
Copper Glass
Cream Acrylic
Cream Alabaster Glass
Cream Linen
Cream Sewn
Crystal Beads
Eggplant Organza
Etched Opal Glass
Faux Alabaster Acrylic
Faux Dupioni - Ebony
Faux Dupioni - Fog
Faux Dupioni - Ivory
Faux Marble Finished Acrylic
Faux Mica Acrylic
Flat Brass Powder Coat
Flax Linen
Frosted Acrylic
Frosted Glass
Frosted Lens
Frosted Ribbed Acrylic
Frosted Ribbed Glass
Frosted Smoke Acrylic/White Acrylic
Frosted White Acrylic
Frosted White Glass
Glass With Organza
Gloss White Milk Glass
Grandin Linen
Gray Linen
Hammered Copper
Ice Cube Glass
Infused Linen Acrylic
Ivory Linen
Light Gray Linen
Matte Black Metal
Metal & White Acrylic
Metal & White Linen
Metal Mesh
Metal Panels
Metal W/White Finish Inside
Mirrored Glass
Multi Panel Stained Glass
Natural Linen
Natural Linen Tri-laminate
Natural White Linen
Oatmeal Linen
Off White Linen
Oiled Parchment
Opal Acrylic
Opal Glass
Opal Matte Glass
Oyster Dupioni
Perforated Metal
Pleated off white
Polished Stainless
Pure White Linen
Satin Chrome
Satin White Glass
Sewn Eggshell
Sewn Linen
Sewn Silk
Sewn White
Silver Organza
Silver Organza & Off White Linen
Skim Milk Opal Acrylic
Stained Glass
Striped Lens
Textured Linen
Two Tone
White Acrylic
White Acrylic & White Linen
White Acrylic Glass
White Burlap
White Fabric
White Faux Silk With Rolled Edges
White Frosted Acrylic
White Frosted Fluted Glass
White Frosted Glass
White Glass
White Linen
White Linen With Black Trim
White Linen With Brass Trim
White Linen/White Acrylic
White Opal Glass
White Organza
White Satin Glass
White Shantung
White Silk
White Transluscent Acrylic
Wood Veneer & Perforated Metal
Wood Veneer W-Orange Trim
Zebra Wood Veneer


Aegean Ceramic
Aged Bronze
Aged Bronze Powder Coat
Aged Brown
Aged Copper
Aged Gold
Aged Silver
Aged Steel
Aged Walnut
Alpine Silver
Alpine Silver Powder Coat
Anodized Black with Satin Chrome and Wood
Antique Bone W/Gold Accents
Antique Brass
Antique Brass Powder Coat
Antique Bronze
Antique Bronze / Ceramic
Antique Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Nickel
Antique Silver
Antique Wood & Bronze
Antiqued Metal
Antiqued Teak
Antiqued White
Aqua Blue
Aqua Translucent Resin
Birch Wood
Black / Satin Nickel
Black & Brushed Brass
Black & Gray Wood
Black & Honey Wood
Black Ceramic
Black Ceramic W/Brass Powder Coat
Black Lacquer
Black Laser Cut Metal with White Wood
Black Leather
Black Lustre
Black Organza/White Linen
Black Paint/Wood Finish/Black Powder Coat
Black Powder
Black Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Alpine Silver Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Brass Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Chrome Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Concrete Base
Black Powder Coat & Faux Wood
Black Powder Coat & Oil Rubbed Bronze Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Silver Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Statuary Bronze Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat & Teal
Black Powder Coat & Textured Brass
Black Powder Coat with Satin Brass Powder Coat Accents
Black Powder Coat With Satin Copper
Black Powder Coat/Faux Concrete
Black Powder Coat/Faux Walnut
Black Powdercoat
Black Powdercoat & Bronze Powdercoat
Black Resin
Black With Gold
Black, Red, Chrome, Brass, Light Bronze or Alpine Silver
Blackened Bronze
Blackened Steel
Blackened Steel & Dark Walnut
Blackened Steel WAntique Brass
Blue Ceramic & White Powder Coat
Brass Powder Coat
Brass Powder Coat & Alpine Silver Powder Coat
Brass Powder Coat & Black Powder Coat
Brass Powder Coat & Textured Black Powder Coat
Brass Powder Coat & White Powder Coat
Bronze Powder Coat
Bronze Resin & Oil Rubbed Powder Coat
Bronze Resin With Statuary Bronze Powder Coat
Brushed Black Powder Coat
Brushed Brass
Brushed Brass Powder Coat
Brushed Chrome
Brushed Copper
Brushed Copper & Black Powder Coat
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel / Natural Shell
Brushed Nickel & Nutmeg Wood
Brushed Nickel Powder Coat
Brushed Nickel/Black
Brushed Nickel/Ceramic
Brushed Nickel/Cream Cased Glass
Brushed Stainless Steel
Brushed Steel
Brushed Steel With Clear Powdercoat
Burgundy Ceramic/Black Powder Coat
Burgundy Leather
Burnished Brass
Burnished Metal
Burnt Copper
Candy Apple Red
Cayenne Glass
Champagne Powder Coat
Champagne Powder Coat & Black Powder Coat
Champagne Powder Coat & Statuary Bronze
Charcoal Grey & Polished Nickel
Charcoal Powder Coat & Faux Wood
Chrome Finish/Faux Marble
Chrome Powder Coat
ChromeFaux Marble Print
ChromeWhite Marble Base
Clear Frosted Resin
Clear Glass Body
Copper & Black
Copper Brushed Brass & Matte Black
Copper Powder Coat
Copper Verde
Cream Linen & Satin Nickel
Cream Powder Coat & Faux Wood
Crystal/Satin Nickel
Custom Bronze
Custom Color
Custom Gold/Bronze
Custom Matte Textured Black
Dark Bronze
Dark Gray Powder Coat
Dark Mahogany/Satin Nickel
Dark Walnut
Distressed Antique Gold
Distressed Bronze
Distressed Brown
Distressed Copper
Distressed Cream
Distressed Green
Distressed Silver
Distressed Wood
Ebonized Wood
Ebonized Wood & Satin Nickel
Ebony Wood & Powdercoat Graphite
Egyptian Gold
Faus Mica
Faux Bronze
Faux Burl Wood
Faux Concrete
Faux Concrete & Black Powder Coat
Faux Deckwood
Faux Galvanized
Faux Granite
Faux Leather
Faux Marble & Polished Chrome
Faux Marble Acrylic/Brass Powder Coat
Faux Oak & Blackened Steel
Faux Oak Wood
Faux Oak Wood Finish
Faux Oakwood
Faux Rust and Black
Faux Silver Leaf/Linen
Faux Walnut
Faux Walnut Painted
Faux Walnut Wood
Faux Walnut Wood w/Brass Trim
Faux Weathered Wood
Faux Wood
Faux Wood & Black Powder Coat
Faux Wood & White Acrylic
Faux Wood & White Powder Coat
Faux Wood Grain
Faux Wood Painted
Faux Wood Painted/Beige Ceramic
Faux Wood/Matte Black Powder Coat
Fiery Red
Flat Black Powder Coat
Flat Black Powder Coat & Alpine Silver
Flat Black Powder Coat & Brass Powder Coat
Flat Brass Powder Coat
Georgetown Bronze
Gloss Black
Gloss Fiery Red/Gloss Porpoise
Gloss Fiery Red/New Age Oak
Gloss Porpoise
Glossy Black
Glossy Black Powder Coat & Faux Wood
Gold & Silver
Gold Leaf
Gold Paint & Black Engraving Plastic
Golden Brown
Gradated Teal
Gray Powder Coat
Grey Swirl
Gun Metal
Gun Metal Silver
Hammerton Silver & Black Powder Coat
Hammertone Black Powder Coat & Black Powder Coat
Hammertone SIlver Powder Coat
Hazel Bronze
Industrial Silver
Industrial Silver and Aged Driftwood
Iron Black
Iron Black/ Brushed Nickel
Lacquer Finish Walnut Resin & Champagne Powder Coat
Light Blue Crackle
Light Bronze Powder Coat
Light Green Powder Coat
Light Silver
Mahogany Bronze
Mahogany Bronze & Nutmeg Wood
Matte Black
Matte Black & Brushed Nickel
Matte Black & Burnished Brass
Matte Black & Polished Nickel
Matte Black Lacquer
Matte Black Paint
Matte Black Powder Coat
Matte Black Resin & Black Powder Coat
Matte White Ceramic
Medium Bronze
Medium Cherry
Merlot Wood & Brushed Stainless
Merlot Wood & Satin Nickel
Metallic Bronze Powder Coat
Metallic Green
Midnight Bronze
Multi Color
Natural Shell Finish
Nickel Chrome & Black Powder Coat
Nickel Powder Coat
Oak Wood
Oak Wood Finish With Polished Nickel Banding
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze & Walnut
Oil Rubbed Bronze Powder Coat
Oil Rubbed Metal
Oil Rubber Bronze Powder Coat
Oiled Bronze
Oill Rubbed Bronze
Old Pewter Ceramic/Black Powder Coat
Orange Powder Coat
Painted Brown
Painted Resin
Pewter & White Powdercoat
Plated Chrome
Plated Nickel
Polished & Brushed Chrome
Polished Brass & Black Powder Coat
Polished Chrome
Polished Chrome & Acrylic
Polished Chrome & Anodized Steel
Polished Chrome & Faux Marble
Polished Chrome/White Acrylic
Polished ChromeFaux Wood
Polished Copper & Black Powder Coat
Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel & Matte Black
Polished Nickel & White
Polished Nickel/Black Powder Coat
Polished Stainless Steel
Polished Steel
Polished Steel With Clear Powdercoat
Powder Coat Black & Concrete
Powder Coat Blackened Steel
Powder Coat Brass
Powder Coat Chrome
Powder Coat Chrome & Leather
Powder Coat Red
Powder Coat White
Powder Silver
Powdercoat Brass
Powdercoat Bronze
Powdercoat Champagne
Powdercoat Roman Bronze
Powdercoat Silver With Alabaster Acrylic
Powdercoat Silver With Mica Acrylic
Roman Bronze Powder Coat
Satin Black
Satin Black Powder Coat
Satin Brass
Satin Brass Powder Coat
Satin Brass Powder w/Faux Walnut Wood
Satin BrassBlack Powder Coat
Satin Bronze
Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome Powder Coat
Satin ChromeFaux Granite
Satin Copper
Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel & Black Powder Coat
Satin Nickel & Faux Wood
Satin Nickel Powder Coat
Satin Nickel Powder Coat & Brass Powder Coat
Satin NickelBlack Powder Coat
Satin Orange
Satin Silver Powder Coat
Satin Steel
Shown – Satin Aluminum Powder Coat. Available in all MCL Standard Powder Coat Finishes
Shown in COM – Available in MCL Standard Shade Fabrics
Silver Leaf
Silver Powder Coat
Sky Blue
Stained Walnut Wood & Brass Powder Coat
Stainless Steel
Standard Ceramic Glazes
Standard Powder Coat Finishes, Matching Wall Color or Contrasting Wall Color
Statuary Bronze Painted Finish
Statuary Bronze Powder Coat
Statuary Bronze Powder Coat & Faux Wood
Steel & Zebra Wood Veneer
Sun Gold Powder Coat
Sungold Powder Coat
Tech White
Textured Black
Textured Black Powder Coat
Textured Black Powder Coat & Faux Satin Brass
Textured Black Powder Coat & Matte Black Powder Coat
Textured Brass Powder Coat
Textured Brass Powder Coat and Black Powder Coat
Trans Black Powder Coat
Transblack Powder Coat
Tropical Brown
Vanilla Ceramic
Vintage Brass
Vintage Copper
Vintage Steel
Vivid Orange
Walnut Wood Veneer
Warm Brass / Black
Warm Brass & Black
Weathered Black
Weathered Brass
Weathered Brown
Weathered Green
Weathered Silver
Weathered White
White & Polished Nickel
White Acrylic/White Powdercoat
White Ash Faux Wood
White Ceramic
White Ceramic & Brass Powder Coat
White Ceramic & Brushed Nickel Powder Coat
White Laser Cut Metal with Black Wood
White Powder Coat
White Powder Coat & Brass Powder Coat
White Powder Coat & Faux Wood
White Resin
White Resin & Black Powder Coat
White Resin & Brass Powder Coat
White Wood
Wood Veneer
Wrought Iron